Sunday School


Sunday School

The Sunday Church School program begins at 9:30 a.m. with Family Worship at Divine Liturgy.
Classes begin at after Holy Communion and are dismissed at 12:00PM.
This program is designed to give students an awareness of the Orthodox way of life.

Nursery (2 year olds)- Loving God
Pre-Kindergarten (3 year olds) - God Made Everything
Junior Kindergarten (4 year olds)- Reaching for Jesus
Kindergarten (5 year olds)- What We See and Do in Church
1st  Grade - Me and My World
2nd Grade - Loving God
3rd and 4th Grades - Sharing God's World and Growing with God
5th and 6th Grades - God Calls Us
7th and 8th Grades - Miracles and Parables, History of the Church
High School - Orthodox Theology, Comparative Religions, Christian Social Ethics

Calendar of Events 2017

September 10, 2017                First Day of Sunday Church School and
                                             Agiasmos Service, B
ack to School BBQ,
                                             Parent Meeting and Ministry Fair

September 18, 2017                Parent/Clergy/Staff Meeting

October 7, 2017                      IOCC Walkathon

October 22, 2017                    Inclusion Sunday

November 12, 2017                 Godparent Sunday

December 16, 2017                 Christmas Pageant Dress Rehearsal (1st-12th Grades)

December 17, 2017                 Christmas Pageant

December 24-31, 2017            Christmas Break - No School



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Upcoming Events

2nd Saturday of Souls
Feb 17
Feb 17 9 am
Greek School
Feb 17 9:45 am
Divine Liturgy
Feb 17 10 am
Feb 18 8 am
Divine Liturgy
Feb 18 9:30 am

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"Feeding the Hungry"

Philoptochos is once again participating in a National Philoptochos initiative that is committed to serve 1,000,000 meals nationwide by the National Clergy Laity in July 2018. Our Philoptochos served over 21,000 meals by the 2016 Clergy Laity. You can help with this cause by filling the container in the Narthex or gym. For donating product, becoming a part of the team, or other information, please contact Vicki Karagianis at 773-327-3194 or Vonnie Karafotias at Let's help those in need!!

St. Andrew's Food Pantry

Please help us restock our food pantry with non-perishable item.
It is helpful if the canned goods have a flip top lid.
Monetery donations will also be accepted