July 8-9, 2023


Greek cuisine is some of the healthiest in the world. Let the scent of grilled meats, and lemon and oregano transport you to a Greek village. Enjoy homemade sweets and coffee and imagine being at a seaside café on a beautiful Greek island.


Below is a full list of what is available at the fest:


Greek Village Salad

Cucumber, Feta, Green Pepper, Tomatoes, Greek Olives & Balsamic Dressing

Saganaki - Flaming Cheese ‘OPA’

The famous flaming cheese! Kefalotiri Cheese battered in flour for a crispy crust, cooked to perfection and then doused with brandy, lit on fire and doused with a fresh lemon. DELICIOUS! OPA!


Spinach Pie! The Filo, the Spinach, the cheese. The combination in your mouth cannot be beat!


Cheese triangles wrapped in filo

Saganaki Combo Plate

Saganaki, tiropita, spanakopita, Greek olives, served with pita


All Entrees except for Gyros are served with Rice Pilaf, Grape Tomatoes, Cucumber, Greek Olives, Kaseri Cheese & Pita

Greek Chicken Dinner

One-half oven baked chicken, Grecian Style.

Pork Souvlaki Dinner

Succulent pork tenderloin, marinated Greek-style.

Lamb Dinner

Roasted Leg of Lamb baked in oven with olive oil, lemon and other spices.

Lamb on Spit – (Served between 5-7 pm)

Whole Lamb roasted on spit slowly with Greek spices, Olive Oil & Lemon.

Pastisio (Greek Lasagna)

Macaroni & seasoned ground beef casserole baked in a rich cream sauce.

*Vegetarian Mousaka (Eggplant Greek Lasagna)

Potatoes, sautéed onions, eggplant & zucchini topped with a rich cream sauce. *Vegetarian Dish

Gyros Plate

Served on warm Pita bread with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes & onions. Includes rice pilaf.


Hot Dog and Chips

a tried and true classic for the little ones

Homer's Ice Cream

Thank you Homer’s for your delicious treats

Chocolate Sundae

Chocolate and Ice Cream – a perfect team

Baklava Sundae

Baklava and Ice Cream! Are you kidding me?! This is a treat you HAVE to try!


WINE – KRASI - at the bar

Bottle or Glass

BEER – BIRA - at the bar

Craft and Domestic Beers

Bottled Greek BEER – BIRA - at the bar​

Greek Beer tastes better!

Metaxa - at the bar​

Greek Brandy – an excellent aperitif

Ouzo - at the bar​

The quintessential Greek Drink –

Ouzo is a product made out of the distillation of alcohol and aromatic herbs. Apart from anise, herbs commonly used in Ouzo production are fennel, coriander, cinnamon, and many more.

Bottled Water - at the bar​

Make sure to hydrate after all the fun!

Soft Drinks - at the bar​

Greek Coffee - at the Pastry Booth inside

A strong coffee. Big things come in little cups

Traditional Coffee - at the Pastry Booth inside and at the Loukoumades Booth Outside

Your standard brew

Frappe - at the Pastry Booth inside and at the Hot Dog Booth Outside

Sip this delicious iced coffee drink and you will feel as though you are in the islands

Pastries - Desserts


Greek custard wrapped in filo


Semi sweet butter based biscuit cookie



Sheets of filo layered with chopped walnuts, butter, & cinnamon, baked, served in honey syrup


Butter cookie covered in powdered sugar



Spice cookie, dipped in honey



Loukoumades - Outside

Hot honey puffs topped with warm honey & sprinkled with cinnamon