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Montessori School of Englewood
The Montessori School of Englewood (MSE) is a public charter school that has over 300 students ages 3-14 in the west Englewood neighborhood.
MSE uses the unique Montessori method to foster independent thinking with an interdisciplinary curriculum that addresses not only academics but also nutrition, practical skills (such as gardening) and peaceful conflict resolution. MSE receives government support through Illinois’ per pupil allotment and from Head Start. But in order to provide a balanced, wide-ranging program, we must raise over $500,000 annually. This money comes from various grants, individual solicitations and in-kind donations from organizations such as SAWPS.

SAWPS Contributions:
• Provide Clothing: provide Bombas Socks and underwear to the students as needed.
• Financial Support: Provided $250 for their pajama drive campaign and provided $500 to assist in their drive to purchase Chrome Books for their students to keep permanently.