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2023 Stewardship Program

Giving Thanks: Eucharistic Stewardship

The ministries and work of St. Andrew’s are supported 100% by your donations!

If you would like to become a steward at St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Church, please take a minute and fill out the online pledge form and support the work we’re doing or please download the 2023-Stewardship Package.  


How much should my Stewardship pledge be? There is no minimum amount to be a Steward, but consider all that God has done for you and His abundant blessings.  The Scriptural Model is to tithe 10% of our income to our God. Prayerfully consider what is possible for you and your family. Many of our Stewards strive to offer 3% of their yearly income. 


If you need additional information please contact us at, or call (773) 334-4515.

Stewardship Payment Options


Click Here to use our Vanco E-Giving Software that allows to you to customize your offering. For your convenience we have a Kiosk in the Narthex where you can easily make a contribution. You can also make a one time donation. 

Personal Check

Bring/Mail a Check to the Church Office

      St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church
      5649 N. Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60660
      ATTN: Stewardship

Online Bill Pay

Through your Online Banking set up either a one time or recurring payment to the Church. This does not incur any fees and is a simple way to set up your Stewardship. Your Bank will mail a check to the Church each month if you so designate. This is a free service that most banks offer.

      St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church
      5649 N. Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60660
      ATTN: Stewardship

Credit Card

If you wish to pay by credit card, you can call the Church office at (773) 334-4515 to give your credit card information to the Church Secretary who will run your credit card for the amount and the frequency you choose.

PLEASE BE AWARE: The Church will be assessed a 2-3% usage fee for every Credit Card Transaction. This means that if you pay $100 towards your Stewardship with a credit card, the Church will only receive $97. We encourage Stewards to use one of the other three options if possible to maximize your full donation to the Church.

A Year-End Charitable Giving Tip – If you have benefited from the significant gains in the stock market this year, you can do well as you do good.  Consider making a gift of appreciated stock to St. Andrew’s, the Church you love.  Consult your financial advisor and ask about the potential tax benefits of a gift of stock to St. Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Church.  You may be surprised how generous you can be thanks to a bull market.